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Baseline Concussion Testing

Baseline Concussion Testing

Baseline Concussion Testing 

All prospective 2023-2024 student athletes who do not have a current, valid baseline concussion test should plan to take a baseline test prior to their sports season.  A current baseline test is one that has been completed in the last two academic years beginning in high school. All incoming 2023-2024 freshmen, new or transfer students will need to complete a test. All 2023-2024 juniors and anyone who does not have a current test will also need to test. 


All 2023-2024 baseline concussion tests will be completed online at home.

Prior to the start of each season an email with directions will be sent to students registered on FinalForms who do not have a valid baseline test.


Baseline Concussion Testing Instructions

Please READ and understand all instructions for each section before continuing, failure to do so may result in an invalid test meaning you have to take it again.

Go to the Concussion Vital Signs website and click on Athlete Testing on the right-hand side


Enter the information exactly as it says in the picture below; all athletes will use this username and password to access our school testing account.  

User Name: athlete321

Password: Zeeland22*


Enter your Student # (eight digits)


Click Take the Test

Re-enter your Athlete reference/ID: Student #

Enter your birth date:Year, Month, Day 

Enter your FULL NAME: This is Required for your test to count

Assessment Type: Baseline 


  • Concussion Vital Signs

  • Concussion Symptom Scale

Testing Supervision

  • Unsupervised 

Testing Environment

  • Alone

Please do the following before starting your test:

  • Make sure you have a device (a computer, laptop or Chromebook) with an external mouse or trackpad (a tablet, iPad or phone will not work)

  • Find a quiet and distraction free environment, no phones or other devices

  • Sit comfortably at a table or desk with a flat, hard surface

  • Close all other programs and browser tabs

  • Disable popup blockers during the test

    • Click HERE for additional help with that

  • Be sure to use your FULL name (first and last), no nicknames, when entering your name

  • You must complete the test in a single attempt of less than 45 minutes

  • FinalForms will be updated weekly by your athletic trainer


How do I check the status of my child's baseline concussion test?

  • Login into your parent account on FinalForms.

  • Click on Profile under your student-athlete's name 

  • Scroll down to Concussion Test History

    • A current test will appear as a green box with a number and clock symbol. This number indicates the number of days until this test expires. You may also hover over the number with your cursor and it will display the exact date the test will expire. 

    • Any tests that appear with a red or yellow number means the test is either currently expired or will soon expire.

    • If your 2023-2024 high school student-athlete does not have a test with a green icon, they will need to complete a baseline concussion testing session. 

What is the baseline concussion test for?

The baseline concussion test is an individualized analysis of a student-athlete’s neurocognitive brain function in a healthy state. In the event that a student-athlete sustains a head injury, this analysis will be used as a normal, baseline value to compare to the post-injury test value to help determine which, if any, neurocognitive functions are impaired by the injury. The concussion vital signs test is not considered a diagnostic tool, but is used in the evaluation and management process for concussions. 

Why is the baseline test only valid for two years?

Because brains in high school develop at such a quick rate it is recommended that athletes be tested every two years to ensure that the baseline test reflects where the brain is currently functioning.

Contact your athletic trainer if: 

  • It has been longer than one week since you've completed your online baseline test and FinalForms has not been updated

  • You do NOT have access to a computer or Chromebook at home for testing

  • You are NEW to the district and your school email is not active yet

  • You have any questions or difficulty completing the test 

Zeeland West Athletic Trainer:                             Zeeland East Athletic Trainer:

Diana Albers                                                          Katie Putnam                                          

616-748-4543                                                         616-748-3129