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3 weeks ago @ 12:38PM

Spring Athlete Antigen Testing FAQ's



Q:  I am a ZPS Virtual student, or am unable to test during my team’s assigned time.  Where and when do I test?

   A:  You can test at your high school during any team’s testing time that works for you.  If none of the time slots work, please contact your athletic office.


Q:  If I miss the testing times, can I still play or practice?

   A:  No, to limit potential exposure to COVID-19 as much as possible we are requiring that all student-athletes are tested prior to practicing or competing for the week.


Q:  I need to get tested in order to participate on my club team.  May I get tested at school?

   A:  No.  We are only providing tests for athletes on ZPS teams.  


Q:  I have had COVID-19.  Am I still required to test and/or quarantine?

   A:  If you had COVID-19, confirmed by PCR test, and provide your respective school’s Athletic Office with a signed letter from your PCP, you will be exempt from the MHSAA-required antigen test for 90 day from your PCR test date. This letter must include the date and result of your PCR test and a statement that you meet the criteria for the 90-day exemption. Once the 90 days expire, or if you fail to provide a physician-signed letter with the appropriate information, you will be required to test.


Q:  If an athlete tests positive will the whole team need to be quarantined?

   A:  That depends on the proximity and duration of contacts with teammates. We have chosen Mondays for testing in order to cut back on the number of athletes who need to be quarantined. 


Q:  Why are we antigen testing?

A: The MDHHS requires that every athlete be tested once per week, or more, for certain sports. We have reached out to the MHSAA (state governing body for athletics) surrounding testing and their answer is simple: If you do not test, you do not get to play.


 Q:  What steps are being taken to prevent samples from being misidentified?  What is the process?

A:  There are many adults helping with this process. Athletes will check in and their

student number will be written on their testing card. They will take their swab and card     to another table, manned by an adult, where the athlete will gently swab their own nose, under careful supervision. The adult will insert the swab into the card and seal it.


Q: If a student has had their first vaccine shot, do they still need to test? What about if they have been fully vaccinated?


A: Yes. Students who are partially or fully vaccinated are still required to test and will still be required to isolate if they test positive. However fully vaccinated students will not be

      required to quarantine if contact traced.


Q: How do we handle athletes whose parents refuse to have them tested?


A: The MHSAA has been very clear when we have asked this question, and the

answer is,  if you do not test then you do not play.




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