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3 months ago @ 6:03PM

Spring Sport Athletes with a COVID+ History

If your student-athlete has had a positive PCR test within 90 days of April12 they are eligible for an antigen testing exemption for the 90 days following the positive test.  In order to qualify, documentation from your PCP must be provided to the school stating that your student-athlete:

  • Has been COVID positive in the previous 90 days.

    • Documentation must state:

      • Your student-athlete tested COVID+

      • Date of PCR test

      • Meets criteria for exemption from antigen testing program for 90 days post PCR test date

    • A physician signed letter must be provided to the school from the student-athlete's primary care provider, oftentimes you can request a physician letter via your patient portal. 

    • PCR test results alone do no qualify as written documentation to exempt from testing

    • Antibody tests do not qualify as a diagnostic test for exemption

  • Upload documentation to FinalForms

    • Log in to FinalForms, Click on your student in FinalForms then click the File folder on the top right hand side, it looks like this:

    • Then follow the directions below to upload your file.

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